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 Police to work with autistic advocate


Durham Constabulary are today proud to confirm that they have employed the services of Kieran Rose – director of Infinite Autism and often better known as The Autistic Advocate – to work with them as a Force, but specifically with the Durham Constabulary Autism Association.

The Durham Constabulary Autism Association was established in August 2018, with the full support of the Constabulary’s senior officers. Presently the internal network has approximately 40 members within the Force; beyond that they have trained a PCSO in every beat area, and are furthering training through custody and other key departments in the organisation.

Created by PCSO Lisa Hall and Sgt Chris Milburn – both of whom are parents of Autistic children, Durham Constabulary Autism Association recognised that knowledge, information, and awareness of what is and could be available to families, friends, parents, carers and colleagues was lacking. Also the diagnosis rate of Autism and associated conditions is indeed escalating – so for the Force to fail to engage with and address this would only serve to generate avoidable issues in the future.

On discussing the new relationship, Kieran Rose said: “Infinite Autism is delighted to partner with Durham Constabulary Autism Association and have the opportunity to support them in implementing real positive changes to the way the Police interact with autistic people and have a wider impact upon how autism is viewed by society.

"As The Autistic Advocate and through Infinite Autism, we strive to reframe the current negative narrative around autism. The opportunity to work with Durham Constabulary with the aim of develop strategies to improve not only their interactions with autistic people and their families, but also to help improve the lives of the autistic people Durham Constabulary comes into contact with, both inside and outside the force; was too big to pass up.

"The forward thinking of Durham Constabulary to partner with a County Durham-based, Autistic-Led Social Enterprise, shows how serious they are in wanting to get things right and create a better future for the autistic people of County Durham.

PCSO Hall continued: “Employing Kieran, who is himself autistic, brings a credibility and credence from the autism community directly into the organisation. This will only help and assist the Durham Constabulary Autism Association to grow and support those who are autistic, explore avenues of Neuro Diversity, and serve our communities to the very best of our abilities. This will allow us to generate a legacy through education, awareness and inclusion”.

A social media presence for the Durham Constabulary Autism Association has also been established, and with well over 1000 likes across various platforms including Facebook and Twitter, education, awareness and inclusion is indeed positively escalating locally and nationally – something we’re all thoroughly proud of, and look forward to the future together.​